Terror Negro’s New Compilation Puts a Screwmbia Flip on Cypress Hill and Post Malone

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You no longer need to go to your most trusted pre-filled USB stick vendor for the latest in bootleg music culture; with each new edit pack that hits the SoundCloud timeline, piracy culture further settles into its digitized home. With the arrival of Terror Negro Records‘ newest compilation Ilegal Vol. 1, the Lima-based crew makes their commitment to furthering “piracy and cultural vandalism” truly official.

Terror Negro Records’ mainstays Tribilín Sound, Chakruna, Deltatron, and Loko Bono were recently the subjects of the latest edition of Native Instruments’ Tropical Frequencies documentary series alongside duo Dengue Dengue Dengue, tracing the evolution of homegrown sounds like chicha and cumbia psicodélica into fodder for bedroom studio experiments in this neo-perreo world we inhabit.

On Ilegal Vol. 1, the source material selections don’t shy away from artists making frequent appearances in the remix circuit, like Nicky Jam, Cutty Ranks, De La Ghetto, and MC Joao while managing to offer up a specifically Peru-rooted perspective. Ilegal Vol. 1 takes us through cumbia villera edits from Trohikhongo, Mr. Landero, Che Cumbe, and El Mulato, the well-traveled club sounds of N.A.A.F.I.‘s Lao, Imaabs, and Wasted Fates, hard dembow edits from 200db and Mad Damon, and screwed cumbia edits from Tribilin and Turbo Sonidero, who also recently released his Killa Kumbias album through the net label.

Deltatron says, “The main reason we [made this compilation] was because we want to show the full spectrum of this new generation of Latin producers, [and] we want to build a network of people pushing this music forward.” In growing these connections in the IRL, the DJ/producer makes his return to New York this upcoming week to play ESO!!! at Bembe on Monday, August 15 and Act Natural at Elvis Guest House on Thursday, August 18.

Truly a collaborative effort, the compilation was mastered by Tribilin, with cover art conceptualized by Deltatron and designed by Xomatok.