Texas Crews Join Forces For Rowdy Cumbia EP ‘Bombón x Peligrosa’

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The collaborative EP released by Houston’s Bombón and the Austin-based Peligrosa crews is further proof that the most organically funky takes on trap, techno, and house anywhere in the world right now might just be originating in Texas. On the new, seven-track Bombón x Peligrosa EP, members of both crews alternate in a next-level exploration of how low, deep, and heavy the dancefloor can go.

Sweeping cumbia basslines are the ties that bind this release. Tracks like Bombón’s “Pachanguear” feature La Comadre and smoothly blend funky house breaks and melodic cumbia. Their track “Chamba Dura” features OGT and occupies the comfortable space between being a moombahton anthem and tough trap banger. Peligrosa brings the techier house vibes with melodic woodwind-driven tracks like “Movimento ft. Kiko Villamizar” and the slightly faster “Santa Marta.” However, the true winner of the whole release may be final track “Vientos ft. La Comadre,” which is a potent cumbia bomb that packs a haunting punch. Grab this release via Bandcamp, and while you’re at it, listen to Peligrosa’s exclusive playlist for our new Apple Music series ‘Mi Barrio’ here.

In other news, Cultura Dura is back and we’re throwing a massive block party featuring Bombón on 9/12.