The Game Channels His Inner Drug Lord on the Skrillex-Assisted “El Chapo”

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Move over, Pablo Escobar, there’s a new gangster rap muse in town, and his name is El Chapo. Veteran MC The Game and EDM heavy hitter Skrillex team up for “El Chapo,” a rap so heavy it will have you contemplating digging escape tunnels in your basement. The instrumental, produced by Bangladesh and assisted by Skrillex, features a sample of Frank Sinatra’s version of “Granada” that segues into a club banger worthy of The Game’s ferocious bars.

After several years of middling efforts, the Spanglish subject matter and sound found here seem to reignite the fire in The Game’s delivery. The MC spits a tale worthy of a Robert Rodriguez film in English and Spanish, tackling topics like how to deal with pesky politicians (“This is doomsday, I could have Guadalupe come through and knock Donald Trump down by his toupée”) and street business etiquette (“Tú sabes de mi, no Tony Montana, mis amigos mis kilos”).

No word yet on if the track will make the final cut on The Game’s The Documentary 2, disc one of which will drop October 9, with part two following October 16.