The Guadaloops’ New EP is the Perfect Jazz Rap Soundtrack to the Dog Days of Summer

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The Guadaloops, the Mexico City-based genre-hopping group that has been steadily establishing itself as a musical source for those with a jazz personality and a G mentality, is back with a new set titled Almanueva. The group’s third release finds the trio expanding their live setup (now with resident pianist Bernardo and drummer Sammy) to better round out their hybrid sound, which calls upon soulful and summer-ready pop rock influences.  MC Franco Genel and singer Fermín Héctor Sánchez are back, with Ferdinand González crafting smooth beats behind the boards.

Preceded by the single “Nunca Es Tarde,” an uptempo track with a pulsing bassline, the set is decidedly mellower than the single might have you believe. Opener “Besar en Luna Llena” starts with warm, rolling synths and Sanchez’s lulling vocals, while the title track is reminiscent of a latter-day Maxwell hit. Elsewhere, “Para Veintiuno” calls on 60s lowrider soul influences, a cut that will easily find its way on your cruising playlist. “Somnífera,” meanwhile, sounds and feels like a sleepy and peaceful high – something the flower it was named for might provide. Clocking in at over five minutes, complete with woodwind solos, it’s the perfect way to let the jazzy set ooze its way to a close.

Almanueva may call on disparate influences, but the end result is ideal for the dog days of summer, when you can’t be bothered to do much else but veg out. With Sanchez’s arresting vocals and Genel’s raspy but soothing flow acting as the driving force behind the record, the band also makes sure to embrace the power in González’s instrumentals, letting them stretch out and breathe. What follows is a groove-filled set that has just the right amount of bite to keep you on your toes. We’re happy to premiere the seven-song collection here on Remezcla; stream the full record below.

Almanueva drops officially on July 29, 2016 on all digital platforms. On August 5, The Guadaloops will play a record release party at Foro Indie Rocks in Mexico City. For more info, click here.