The Holydrug Couple Announces Mexican Tour & Reimagines 70s Film Soundtracks with “Vase Of Flowers”

Chilean psych rages on with the announcement of a new record by duo The Holydrug Couple. To welcome this new phase, they’ve shared a new song, as well as a handful of live dates happening in Mexico next week.

The instrumental “Vase Of Flowers” is the second single for their BYM Records release, titled Soundtrack For Pantanal, a sort of score for an imaginary film. Featuring lush washes of keyboards and groovy bass lines, it harkens back to 70s-era erotic/exploitation films from Europe, without sacrificing any part of their sound.

The Holydrug Couple are scheduled to tour Mexico starting September 24 until October 1. They’ll be playing Guadalajara, Toluca, Monterrey, Aguascalientes, and Mexico City, headlining the independent Friendstival on a bill that also features Trillones, Grenda, Sotomayor, Diosque, Mondragón, and many others. See the tour dates and flyer below.

September 24 – Guadalajara – Galeana 632
September 28 – Toluca – Landó Foro
September 29 – Monterrey – Nodriza
September 30 – Aguascalientes – TBA
October 1 – Mexico City – Friendstival @ Niza 40