The Parrots Paint the Town Glitchy in the Video for “Let’s Do It Again”

When it comes to nights out on the town, sometimes moderation is necessary to ensure a good turn up. But as you can see in their brand new video for “Let’s Do It Again,” for The Parrots, “going out” really means going out of your mind.

The band describes the effects-heavy video as a virus that won’t leave your brain unless you reset it. According to them, it will lead you to do things that you will definitely regret in the morning. Indeed, it’s a perfect representation of a night spent drinking too much, walking the city streets aimlessly while getting turnt with every passing second. The video even includes an essential part of getting wasted in this day and age: going on social media and liking posts while half conscious.

The song is a feel-good, mid-tempo number that showcases what The Parrots do best: simple rock ‘n’ roll with tons of attitude. The guitars grind and Diego García’s vocals are almost indecipherable, but they’re still as catchy as ever. The track is a sneak peek at the imminent release of Los Niños Sin Miedo, the band’s debut full-length record, which drops August 26.