The Video For Pesi’s “Blue” Will Make You Thirsty And Emotional

“Blue” isn’t just the name of this track. It’s the color of the video, and we’re pretty sure it’s the color of Pesi’s mood ring as he’s sitting in a tub getting Pepsi poured all over his body. In “Blue,” the Spanish artist seesaws between being happy and sad over a special someone. He sits pondering over his heart’s struggles as a blue-haired helper slowly fills up the tub with the dark-tinted soda. It’s emotional, poetic and an interesting way for product placement. It almost looks like an out-of-the-box Pepsi commercial and it might as well be, since “Pesi” and “Pepsi” are interchangeable. The Steve Lean-produced track starring Pesi’s auto-tuned flow is one of seven tracks featured on Pesi The Mixtape, a YouTube mixtape for your visual and audio pleasures.