Lido Pimienta and Thornato Team Up for “Tu Luz,” a Bubbly Dembow Hymn

Lead Photo: Photo by Tiff Porter
Photo by Tiff Porter
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Last year, Swedish globetrotter Thornato found a new home on Wonderwheel Recordings with the release of his EP Things Will Change. Thornato shares a label with fellow folk experimentalists Chancha Via Circuito, Novalima, Tremor, and Lagartijeando, whose border-defying sounds have sent them traveling across the globe to nurture their craft. Born Thor Partridge, the producer has recorded in locales as diverse as South Africa, India, Kenya, and Colombia, where he got to meet and work with Lido Pimienta years ago. The jam session produced “Tu Luz,” an effervescent collaboration from his debut album Bennu, premiering today on Remezcla.

“Tu Luz” is pure dembow uplift. It’s contagious and buoyant, with bubbly major chords that shine bright, while Lido Pimienta’s featherlight melodies pray for light and love. “Sientes que este es tu universo/Quieres, puedes alcanzar la paz,” she coos in her Barranquilla accent, searching for some beacon of hope.

The collaboration wasn’t completed overnight – in fact, it took them six years. “I met Lido Pimienta in 2011 in Bogotá; she recorded some vocals over a few different beats,” says Thornato. “Years later, in 2016, I stumbled upon a bunch of alternative takes and got really inspired by Lido’s melodies. She re-recorded all the vocals and made it more of a singalong,” he adds. “Making this song was very emotional for both of us and I think it has a certain soulfulness because of that.”

Bennu is out April 14 on Wonderwheel Recordings.