Tijuana’s Vaya Futuro Showcase New Material in Lo-Fi Video for “Resguardo”

When we talk about exceptional new bands from Mexico, Tijuana shoegaze outfit Vaya Futuro seem to come up a lot. And with the video for their new single “Resguardo” out, we have a great excuse to bring them up again.

A compilation of space mission footage, juxtaposed with a girl singing and a rollicking sea storm, the video weaves parallel stories that hint at how small we are compared the vast forces of nature. Its fuzzed, lo-fi, VHS look perfectly matches the vintage sound of the single.

The clip features Carla Sariñana from Ruido Rosa and was both directed and edited by Vaya Futuro.

Inspired by the atmospheric and nostalgic sounds of Slowdive, “Resguardo” ‒ both in name and sound ‒ is a shelter, a place more than a song, and it’s the first hint of what the band will sound like on their sophomore record Perro verde y triste, coming out this summer.