Tino El Pingüino Toasts The Year’s End with Effortless Flow

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Franco Genel knows the year is winding down, but he wants to celebrate it with style, by popping a few champagne bottles for indie music with his brand new joint.

Produced by Yag Mag and Menuda Coincidencia producer Maiky Navajas, the beat conjures the scenery of a smoke-filled jazz bar late at night with the band loosening their bowties just a little since things are getting hot, but are still under control. It’s in this setting that Tino lets loose, talking about himself with his usual combination of effortless wordflow and surreal imagery that’s so fun to listen to. There’s a lot of old school vibes throughout the gritty drum track and the melodic piano lines.

Check out Remezcla’s original #CulturaDura video, Graphic Couture, Hecho En Mexico: Meet Streetwear Brand Tony Delfino, featuring Tino and his crew giving D.F. a homegrown brand they can rep with pride.

Let’s all raise a glass for Tino and hope for more great music from him next year.