Titán Descend Into a Twisted Techno Hell in the “Dama Fina” Video

If there is one thing you can say for certain about Titán, it’s that they have serious grit. Six months after the release of “Dama Fina,” their first track in nearly a decade, the Mexican electroclash power trio is making waves again with the song’s official video. The song itself was already an unnerving slice of degenerate music, with its abrasive pulsing beat and nihilist lyrics like “No importa destruirte, es un placer.” So as expected, the video for “Dama Fina” is a sick, hedonistic plunge into twisted techno hell.

Directed by Rogelio Sikander, the video opens with a shot of a dilating pupil, foreshadowing the wild head rush we’re about to experience. Scenes from an empty condemned warehouse are interspersed with porn-mag clippings and bursts of suspicious white powder, until we’re eventually introduced to our guide: A man fully clad in teal S&M gear. The rest of the video runs like a mash-up of Fight Club and Jacob’s Ladder, featuring nightmarish rituals of beautiful nude women emerging from a bright yellow pool, only to be sacrificed to our omnipresent dungeon master by the oiled-up thugs who worship him.

It’s unclear what kind of statement the band is trying to make through the video, though you can definitely detect commentary on our cultural devotion to sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, and the objectification and disposability of women in popular culture. In spite of some of its more shocking moments, the video is beautifully shot, with its moody setting and sleekly styled characters often resembling an absurd fashion film. Shock value aside, “Dama Fina” is a great – if slightly disturbing – reintroduction to the band we’ve come to love through the years. As their name suggests, Titán is a force to be reckoned with and we’re glad to have them back.

Titán’s forthcoming album Dama drops October 28. The trio will also play a record release show on December 1 at Plaza Condesa in Mexico City. To purchase tickets, click here.