Out Today: Listen to Florian Droids’ Psychedelic Pop on Osos de Agua LP

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Tardigrades–also known as microscopic creatures that have been dubbed by some as “the first animal to survive in space”–have apparently inspired Florian Droids to write songs imagining floating in outer space with these mysterious, tiny animals that resemble water bears. The Costa Rican quartet just released Osos de Agua in their honor, sharing the perfect get-out-of-your-comfort-zone record that blends a mixture of prog rock and psychedelic pop.

Florian Droids’ take on neo-psychedelia feels refined, yet rowdy at certain moments; Osos de Agua is more inviting that its predecessor, but we can’t promise that you won’t find hidden, explosive psychedelic moments among the quieter, entrancing soundscapes. Production credits from Lúcuma Estudio with the help of the talented Giancarlo Tassara take the band to their best form to date.

Among the many solid tracks on the record, listen for the haunting, epic “Gregorio” and the tender “Girasol” and “Osos de Agua,” two pop highlights with reverb that feels like they could’ve been recorded underwater. With melodies that are good enough to be stuck on your head for weeks, this music is worth a teeny portion of your sanity.

Florian Droids’ second album is out today via Clap Clap Records.