Tokischa and Jamby El Favo Vibrate With Trap Romantics on “Empatillada”

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist
Photo courtesy of the artist
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The Dominican trap Da Brat whose TLC club futurism veers more sharply into the most psychedelic edge of weedhead, la rara, a 23 year old who seems most comfortable blistering a microphone with raunchy freestyle; Tokischa has a fresh track out. Los Frailes’ most colorful trapera makes another notch on her belt with Paulus Music’s newest single, sharing the spotlight with the luxe lower register growl of Puerto Rican emcee Jamby el Favo.

“Empatillada” is an icy drug one-off love ballad, its passion cut with Toki’s reminder to a lingering lover that he better not miss his plane. Though Tokischa’s hip hop flow is enviable, here she pulls in a melodic, medicated performance – her voice vibrating over the courtship’s climax moments. The artist has not been shy about her versatility, and here she flourishes her creeper card aloft with a much more earnestly sexual joint than past off the wall singles like “Qué Viva” with Quimico Ultra Mega and Tivi Gunz collab “Pícala.”

The woozy sensuality of the track is one of the calling cards of Raymi Paulus – her close associate who is her instigator and collaborator in crafting the wild-style Pokemon alterado hijinks whose aesthetics set her at a fair distance from many of the current DR trap scene heavies. “The concept for this song was so natural that Jamby and I just flowed perfectly,” she tells Remezcla.

Call Tokischa a perfectly-timed fabrication for the friki generation — she’ll be the first to agree with the assessment, and pat herself on the back that you too see the trap synchronicity. It’s Tokischa’s time to shine, and she’s ready, letting everyone know: “There’s a lot of surprises in store and many, many more beats coming…there’s a lot of love coming for my fans, so keep an eye out.”

Watch the video for “Empatillada” here: