Tomás Urquieta’s New EP Finds Beauty in Raw Industrial Aggression

After hinting at the release of the follow-up to his 2015 EP Manuscript with “La Muerte de Todo lo Nuevo,” Chilean producer Tomás Urquieta has put out an eponymous new EP through Infinite Machine. Its provocative title immediately places his work in the context of the future, where the cutting-edge textures of club music are referenced as if they were ages old – and repurposed with industrial aggression.

Half the tracks on Manuscript were danceable, with a distinctive beat to follow. But club-ready sounds are a little more elusive on La Muerte de Todo lo Nuevo. There are traces of techno and industrial (even trap, as hinted on “Anatomía”), but genre boundaries are so blurry here, you might as well forget your expectations and enjoy this EP as the murky, unsettling, punishing, and sometimes beautiful piece of work it is. The third track’s title, “Distopía,” sets the context: metallic hits and bangs come straight out of a factory assembly line, and a cloud of toxic but gorgeous synth pads suggest the future is going to be bleak. Three remixes by fellow producers M.E.S.H., Ziúr, and Ausschuss complete the EP, with a similar gloomy production style.

The title track also has a music video, produced by DMNC. The 3D-rendered animation flirts with the idea that hell might actually be in outer space.