Tomás Urquieta’s New Single Is What Would Happen If Ghosts Made Club Music

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Chile’s Tomás Urquieta has been having fun flipping house music under his Ed Marlo moniker with the recent release of an EP titled For Want Of  through Cazería Cazador. But he hasn’t forgotten about his original project, as he’s set to release the follow-up to his 2015 EP Manuscript on September 30 via Infinite Machine.

The first preview we get from the seven-song La Muerte de Todo lo Nuevo EP is the title track, where we find him once again tackling doomsday club music. The song is a distant cousin of the SFX-heavy sounds overflowing SoundCloud, but ends up standing out with its twisted use of industrial and even classical elements, like a set of haunting string plucks and a cello accompaniment.

The bar has been set for La Muerte de Todo lo Nuevo, which will include remixes by PAN affiliate M.E.S.H., Ziúr, and Ausschuss.