Tomás Urquieta’s New Song Pushes Him to the Forefront of Chilean Industrial

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Only a few industrial producers have the ability to weave complex textural soundscapes into their work, making their music a pleasure to listen to, even if you’re not into dark makeup and PVC shoes. Tomás Urquieta is a true artist in that sense. He’s the latest producer to grace the roster of Montreal-based label Infinite Machine, with sounds both dark and danceable. The Chilean excels at both and adds an experimental edge to this material, offering a more dangerous and head-turning flip on your typical industrial fare.

“Exiled” comes off his new EP Manuscript, whose cover art features a picture of a notebook on the ground, worn and ravaged by time. The track is defined by its bass drums stabs, distant, casserole-like snares, and the atmospheric synths that give the track its flavor. Its cadence is reminiscent of UK grime and even trap, which makes it perfect for those unexpected moments where a turn up is necessary. 

Manuscript drops December 18 and features six original tracks and three remixes. If you’re in New York City, be sure to catch Tomás Urquieta at Elvis Guesthouse for Club Etiquette Vol 4.5 on Monday, December 21 at 7 p.m.