Enter the Raunchy Reggaeton World of Tomasa del Real With ‘Bien y Mal’

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While the aesthetic of reggaeton MC Tomasa del Real is loyally Tumblr-friendly, she’s stepping out to reach a new swath of listeners beyond the Internet-obsessed crowd. Earlier this week, Tomasa dropped her debut album Bien y Mal on Spotify and Apple Music, presenting a compiled, repackaged version of her SoundCloud and YouTube uploads, this time in album format.

Bien y Mal is as much as catalog of Tomasa’s evolution of her own sound as it is an attempt to check off the industry boxes that could potentially position herself as one of the artists at the forefront of the reggaeton 2.0 wave. On the 9-track recordyou’ll find post-party-destruction-anthem “Hangover” with Lao, Paul Marmota, and Moisturisin’ Mini; “Dientes de Oro” with Lima’s Deltatron; “Bonnie N Clyde” with Mafia del Amor, the perreo-heavy side project of Barcelona’s PXXR GVNG; dance floor turn-up “Prendelo” with Ceaese; and other previous favorites, hopefully priming space for new material.