Tomasa Del Real Takes Times Square in “Pache Pache,” an Extasis Records Collab

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Enciclopedia Color

Mexico City-based Extasis Records is known for its dark thumps, complex electronics that beckon from the other side of club music. The label’s recent releases, like Wasted Fates’ Data Nomadics and last year’s Echoes EP by mystic R&B rave shaman Abyss X, seem better suited for dancers who go deep within themselves than for play at your standard perreo situation.

Cue the entrance of Tomasa Del Real, who comes in hot on new Extasis track “Pache Pache,” produced by label co-founder Lao and his old NAAFI crew member Paul Marmota. Tomasa is Chile’s emerging reggaeton star, who has begun garnering online attention over the last few years on the strength of her confident party anthems. Together, the “Pache Pache” team has created a song playable enough to ride the global reggaeton craze, yet complex enough that it begs to be manipulated in late-night megamix territory.

It’s not the first time Marmota, Lao, and Tomasa have gotten together to make perreo that cracks. 2015’s “Hangover” featuring Moisturisin’ Mini is an aftermath song that still comes correct at the height of the night. It’s clear that the artists can’t get enough of each other — “Pache Pache” is the first in a trifecta of tracks that Extasis has announced it will be putting out with Tomasa in the months to come.

The video itself, which we’re premiering here on Remezcla, is a pretty straightforward travel diary from Tomasa’s U.S. debut, a NYC leg of her Bien Y Mal tour, in which she and her vampire contact lenses made appearances on RBMA and The Lot Radio. Young dancers stunt at Coney Island, and director Paulina Giustinianovich (aka Enciclopedia Color)’s chaotic graphics give Times Square realness. The location choice also serves as a manifestation of the team’s future success — they made it in NYC, who’s got next?