Tomasa del Real and Talisto Recall Reggaeton’s DIY Days in the “Tu Señora” Video

Is Talisto the Spooky Black of reggaetón?

I haven’t seen something so seemingly out of place but also curiously right at home since Spooky Black’s YouTube ascension and expectations-defying video for “Without You,” which frames screwed R&B over the backdrop of a frozen-over St. Paul, Minnesota. For whatever reason, it just works.

Now I find myself nodding along to Stockholm’s newest reggaetón voice (because perreolándia knows no borders) alongside Iquique’s ambassador Tomasa del Real on “Tu Señora.” It’s a lo-fi testimony to long-distance, Internet-powered romance over keys that recall reggaetón’s deliciously DIY days. It’s a visual contrast in every way, with Tomasa set on a beach cliffside while Talisto responds from a dusky, frozen lake.

We’re not ones to miss an opportunity to signal boost women in the urbano circuit – be sure to check out Tomasa alongside nine other voices to watch in Remezcla’s recent 10 Women in Reggaetón You Need to Know list.