Tomasa del Real’s “Tamos Redy” Video Is an Ass-Heavy Chilean Reggaeton Vortex

Chilean reggaeton chispa Tomasa del Real‘s new video for “Tamos Redy” seems engineered for you and your girls to bump before you leave the house to take over the club. It’s a party anthem from a singer who is establishing herself as a central point in an emerging network of new reggaetoneros. The video clip confirms the #bellakeo vibe: dual-tone unisex babes, letting it go all over some chainlink fences.

The ass-heavy scenery was shot on Tomasa’s latest Mexican tour, which was coordinated by DJ Rosa Pistola. That explains the choice of location: Rosa’s apartment building in CDMX’s Buenavista neighborhood, and also the Mad Max-conjuring Rosa Pistola streetwear worn by the cast, which includes Chico Sonido, local queer performance artist Pepe Romero bending everyone over, and U.S. rapper Speak!, who recently relocated to CDMX.

Note: if the pre-game is your actual situation and you need help singing along, check the previously released lyric video.

Mexico’s Chico Sonido handled the production of “Tamos Redy.” After creating this track and Ms Nina’s  “Chupa Chupa,” he’s clearly showing a dedication to the women who are emerging as forces in the neo-perreo movement.

If you’re in Guadalajara, you can catch Tomasa del Real dominate the stage alongside Jamez Manuel, BrunOG, DJ Rosa Pistola, Elebleu, and more tomorrow night. Organized in coordination with NWLA and the Remezcla family, we’ll have tacos, hamburgers, and turn ups to spare. It’s all going down at Foro Independencia at 8 p.m. For more info, click here.