Torreblanca’s Catchy “Hubo Valor” Continues To Spread The Word For The Band’s Upcoming Album

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“Hubo Valor” is the title of Torreblanca’s latest single off their upcoming El Polvo en la Luz, an album that’s sure to propel them to the top of our favorites list. “1000 Fantasmas” did a great job of hyping the album and now “Hubo Valor”’s catchiness and relatable message will continue to spread the good word. The song teeters, accrues, explodes, and meditates in a span of four-plus minutes.

The lyric video released with the single is, for my money, the perfect video. Any Nick at Nite kid will appreciate seeing the Petries, the Addams, and the Clampetts all in one dance montage. And if you’re a West Side Story lifer—raise up!—then seeing Riff and the Jets kick, ball, change to Torreblanca will be the highlight of your day.

Get “Hubo Valor” for free when you preorder El Polvo en la Luz and listen/watch below.