Cumbia Sonidera Legends Los Ángeles Azules are Back With Sophomore Album

From Iztapalapa to the world: cumbia sonidera legends Los Ángeles Azules return in their crossover glory with their latest effort, Viernes Cultural.

Viernes Cultural comes as the second collaboration between the band and the nu-Latin all-star team of Toy Selectah and Mexican Institute of Sound, helping Los Ángeles reach a wider, multi-generational fanbase with their production credits and public co-signing. This tag-team helped launch the group to double platinum status in Mexico after their first collaboration Como Te Voy a Olvidar hit the charts last year with new school alternative-meets-old school approach, with contributions from Saúl Hernandez, Lila Downs, and Celso Piña.

The sophomore album was recorded over the month of July in Cuba and is immortalized in a documentary film–De Cuba para Iztapalapa— that detailed their on-the-ground collaborations with Gilberto Santa Rosa, Haydée Milanés, La Banda Bastön, and more. Many of Viernes Cultural’s tracks re-spin regional classics like “Toma Que Toma,” “Canchis Canchis,” and “Cumbia Popular,” whereas the collaboration with Gilberto Santa Rosa takes lead single “Paso la vida pensando” into hybrid cumbia-salsa territory, perhaps a reflection of the backdrop for the recording sessions. Viernes Cultural doesn’t shy away from playing with alt-Latin reference points, notably in Gustavo Cucho Parisi of Autenticos Decadentes’ cumbiafied version of Soda Stereo’s “Ella usó mi cabeza como un revólver.”

Still going strong after their original formation in the ‘80s, Los Ángeles manage to continue reinventing themselves, taking the classics right along with them for the ride.

Viernes Cultural is out today via iTunes Mexico– purchase it below!