Trajano! Carry On Spain’s Love Affair With Post-Punk on “Ícaro”

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If there’s one scene I’ll never grow tired of, it’s Spanish post-punk. For years, indie artists across the entire nation have been recording songs filled with thumping, rubbery bass lines, sharp guitar licks, and cavernous vocals, as if they all just discovered Joy Division, Bauhaus, and Echo & The Bunnymen.

That holds true for Madrid-based Trajano! Band members Lois Brea, Álvaro NaiveÁlvaro G., and Carlos Mun were definitely born too late to enjoy the excesses of the 80s, but I’m damned if they’re not trying to replicate them. The group’s latest single, “Ícaro,” bounces along in a manner similar to their compatriots Capitán and Antiguo Régimen, albeit with a stronger new wave influence.

The track is the second of two new singles the band wanted to release before heading back into the studio to record their new, currently untitled album some time next year.