Tremor’s Video for “Caracol” Is a Cinematic Reflection on Artistic Production

Back in 2012, Elliot Sellers directed a fantastic video for Malambo,” a song by Argentine band Tremor. Although the visuals didn’t really connect to the song’s folk roots, the video sure was stunning and reflected the director’s peculiar interpretation of the music. What we didn’t know until now is that there was actually a second video that was shot simultaneously, which was just released. The video is a prequel, Hollywood style, and it’s soundtracked by an even older song, “Caracol,” off their 2008 album Viajante.

The clip, like its predecessor, is visually striking, but it’s easier to thread a plot in this one. It features a kid who wanders through the woods, collecting souvenirs from each of his experiences in little boxes and bottles. As he explores the forest, he fills his boxes with things like marbles, fire, plants, water, and threads of his own sweater. At the end of his journey, he returns home, where we can see how he actually turns all of his memories into cassette tapes. It’s a beautiful metaphor for how artists create music, made quite literal as the boy pours his own blood into a box that magically becomes a cassette.

The video couldn’t come at a better time, since Apple is using the song in one of their new iPhone 6 ads, which you can watch below: