Triángulo de Amor Bizarro Grow Wings With Soaring Pop Single “Baila Sumeria”

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When Galician rockers Triángulo de Amor Bizarro shared “Desmadre Estigio,” the first single off their upcoming album Salve Discordia late last year, we were puzzled by the potential direction they might take. Although their body of work has always been diverse, the song felt like something new from them, given its dense, Nick Cave-like balladry.

But on their new single, “Baila Sumeria,” they return to a sound we’re more familiar with. The band turned up the pop knob to sky-high levels, matching their memorable, monumental hit “De la monarquía a la criptocracia.” They paired up the crunchy guitars and sweeping drums with lush synth pads, embracing an 80s new wave sound that sticks them right next to New Order. Singer Isabel Cea‘s voice is right up front, loud and clear, singing apocalyptic love lyrics, like “la ciencia es mentira sin ti,” carried by catchy melodies.

In a fair world, this song would be a hit, and we hope it’ll become one. Salve Discordia is out on January 29 via Mushroom Pillow.