Triángulo de Amor Bizarro Give Space Rock a Healthy Dose of Reggae on “Desmadre Estigio”

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Galicia’s Triángulo de Amor Bizarro have finally put the finishing touches on their fourth LP Salve Discordia (Mushroom Pillow, 2016).

Heavy touring forced the band to push back their original 2015 release date, so to recharge their creative process, they decided to take time off to polish their sound. “Desmadre estigio” is their first single, a song that bears an almost reggae vibe. Not surprising for an act that lists almost every genre they listen to as an influence.

Triángulo de Amor Bizarro’s catalog boasts consistently good albums, each of which explores the permutations of loud and melodic space rock. One of the band’s endearing qualities is how open and candid they are about their creative process. They struggled to release 2013’s Victoria Mística on time due to issues in the mixing stage, while 2010’s Año Santo album was complete in less than two weeks. Tired of having external factors determine the creative process, the band decided to push themselves in the studio, exploring (even more) musical possibilities.

Although the band’s impeccable recording style makes “Desmadre estigio” a solid, almost ballad-like track, it’s a wonder where they’ve decided to venture off to. All we know is that if they think it’s ready, it’s ready.