Triángulo de Amor Bizarro’s “Baila Sumeria” Video Runs Like an 80s Teen Goth Nightmare

On Friday, January 29, Salve Discordia, the highly anticipated new record from Galicia, Spain’s Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, will see the light. But today we have a special treat for those who can’t wait – the video for lead single “Baila Sumeria” is here.

The track finds the band pushing their 80s pop sensibilities to the max, resulting in one of the catchiest and most frenetic songs in their catalog. The video matches its intensity with quick edits that jump from one setting to the next, making it difficult for a plot to develop, but complementing the song excellently. Though the visuals are framed in a vertical letterbox that suggests it was shot on a smartphone, it’s unlikely this is the case, judging by the final result, not to mention the long list of credits (and if it was, director Jordi Cussó has some insane skills). The clip’s beautiful cinematography takes its cues from renaissance paintings and 80s Satanic Panic films, all mixed together into something that’s gorgeous, sexy, and disturbing.