Tribilin Sound Warps Cumbia Into Woozy Psychedelia on “Cumbia Wax”

Lead Photo: Photo by Cesar Davey
Photo by Cesar Davey
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Peruvian bassmeister Álvaro Ernesto returns as Tribilin Sound for his latest track “Cumbia Wax.” A production that feels as though it’s moving at a pace unhurried by dancefloor expectations, it’s an organic jam that excels at a higher level. Ernesto sets the pace and groove early with a thick break that bears an airy and ambient melody, with a lone horn blare weaved into the lowest frequency of the mix. Melodic vocal and synth chops are then introduced, and yet the track maintains a woozy and psychedelic feel. It’s perfect for those late night explorations of the mind on the dancefloor. Download this one for free here.