Trillones Captures The Essence Of Post-Dubstep Duo Minor Shadows With His New Remix

Lead Photo: Trillones
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Polo Vega tagged his new track “Flare For The Dramatic” on his Soundcloud page as a #RemixVeloz. His output as Trillones is as prolific as one can get, which means he’s used to finishing his work as quickly and as efficiently as possible. But there’s nothing rushed about “Flare For The Dramatic.” It’s actually a work of art.

If you’re picky and looking for more than a danceable version of a song you like, remixes can be risky. They usually end up being acceptable at best, but there are few reworks that bring new life to a song. Trillones is one of the few producers that can work a song into something that retains the vibe of the original but adds the remixer’s signature sound.

Minor Shadows is a duo from D.F. that specializes in a smooth strain of post-dubstep. They’ve got a deep love of melody and great arrangements, a formula that has been working well for them, since they’ve played last year’s Festival Marvin, among other places. “Flare For The Dramatic” is a single they released a year ago, more or less. The remix retains the R&B flavor and the jazzy instrumentation. Trillones brings forth soft, soulful synths and punctuates the track with a chain rattling rhythm and urgent click. The autotuned vocals get an extra layer of processing from the producer. Overall, Polo Vega captures the essence of the track but does so without the notes, focusing instead on the mood.