Trillones’ “Refugio” Video Is a Meditation on Finding Your Happy Place

After two excellent EPs, Polo Vega, a Mexicali producer who works under the Trillones moniker, released his debut album El Tiempo Es Circular not too long ago via Static Discos. The album, which runs like a concept piece that tells a vague story about time, is Vega at his strongest yet as a producer. He connects dream pop, techno, ambient, house, and even dembow like he was meant to do it, with special attention to detail. One of the tracks from the record that sticks with you after a few listens is “Refugio,” and it now has a video companion, courtesy of director Daniel Patlán.

The video is a collaboration between Desde 1989, Rarara Films, and Estudio 432, and it opens up with the dictionary definition of the word “refugio.” A girl is the protagonist and sole character here. She cruises through Mexico City at night, while footage of the ocean and beaches flash across the screen. These images not only provide some texture to the video, but also tell us that maybe, just maybe, that’s where she wants to be in that moment. She finds refuge inside her own mind, transporting herself to a happy place. Naturalistic and urban visuals clash with digital glitches, coalescing into a visual representation of the song itself.