Tropkillaz Release ‘Tropkill’em All’ Summer Mixtape For Peak 2AM Dance Floors

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If looking for the best representation of the heavy, gangster sound represented in dembow, dancehall, twerk and baile grooves, look no further than Brazilian DJ/production duo Tropkillaz. On their latest summer mixtape “Tropkill’em All,” they showcase not only their own skills on original tracks like “Breakdown” (featuring bounce emcee of the moment Fly Boi Keno and legendary rap name DJ Q-Bert) but on edits of tracks like tropical electro maestro Gregor Salto and jungle terror innovator Wiwek’s percussive “On Your Mark.” Also, key to note here too are rising American names like JSTJR, Big Makk and more whose styles are undoubtedly influenced by Tropkillaz’ furious energy. An hour in full, this isn’t the mixtape to play at your barbecue, but rather what gets played when things get insane at said barbecue and you’re engaged in a Mad Max car chase away from the police. Download this one for free here.