Twin Shadow Premieres New Pop Power Ballad Single & Appears on Letterman

Twin Shadow is getting ready to hit the road to promote his new album Eclipse, his first through Warner Bros. Records. And before that, he’s keeping the singles coming.

“I’m Ready” is his most recent track, and it’s the kind of song that will sound perfect in a big arena – or the track John Cusack would’ve played on a boombox if Say Anything had been filmed in our era. It’s a pop song in the most pure sense of the word, and it’s part of what he’s calling his most pop record ever (he already stated he’s even trying to avoid playing guitar on stage). Nonetheless, it definitely has his unmistakable galán touch.

Also, Twin Shadow stopped by David Letterman’s stage to play “Turn Me Up” where he broke the new guitar rule to play an intense solo, a performance Dave called “fantastic!”

Eclipse will be out on March 17th. You can pre-order it in here. Twin Shadow’s tour kicks off on late February and will visit at least 30 US cities as well as many european venues. Find his full schedule and tickets in here.