Your Next Gym Anthem is TYGW and Johan Demonio’s Trap Monster “Mayweather”

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Your vision’s swimming and the ropes are chafing your back. It’s time to swing back, and you need a mental soundtrack. Not the Rocky theme song, because even though you’re a blow away from KO, who needs a cliché? We got you. Or better yet, Chilean hip-hop imprint Fiebre41 has got you with its release of the new single “Mayweather,” which we’re premiering here on Remezcla. The track was produced by versatile paisano TYGW. of La Serena, Chile, and features the talents of rapper Johan Demonio and young bruiser Manolo Veneno.

Fiebre41 is the production house of Nación Triizy’s Marlon Breeze and rapper Jamez Manuel of Zonora Point, whose recent solo career has included collabs with Iquique reggaeton princess Tomasa del Real and punk shapeshifter AJ Dávila. The label is on a mission to showcase South American talent, and has steadily been putting out tracks from male artists that show the breadth of the continent’s trap and hip-hop’s formations in 2016. Manuel’s dreamy Future Vs Classic was jointly released through Fiebre41 and NWLA a little over a month ago.

With “Mayweather,” the crew is continuing a trend of giving the real heads what they need — verbose, punchy tracks. The track will appear on Johan and TYGW’s collaborative mixtape Makaveli, which they’ve been working for about two years. TYGW cites ATL superproducers Southside and Metro Boomin as influences, while Johan finds inspiration in U.S. hip-hop flow and reggaeton swagger. Expect music to amp you up when the hits are coming hard and you need an aggressive re-up to make it to the next round.

TYGW and Johan’s Makaveli mixtape is set to drop in mid-October.