TYU Shines As Western Mexico’s Dancefloor Storyteller on His New EP

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It only takes one spin of Nayarit-born producer TYU’s Cocobass-released 2015 EP El Considerado to know he wants to dominate global dancefloors. But for the producer – née Mario González – the club can also be a space that encompasses more than the turn up. In fact, he believes that his new Before, Between & After The Rupture EP, which is premiering here on Remezcla, is perfect for dancing while crying. It’s even more fitting that it came out on his own aptly titled Discos Sentimiento imprint.

Many of the six upbeat, danceable tracks rely on melodic and harmonic elements that move a muscle often forgotten about in club music: the heart. Take opener “La Ruptura (Dub),” where González pairs a skeletal house beat with a dramatic chord progression played with a string synth, and ties it all together with a weightless melody that flutters around your ears even after the song is over.

House is TYU’s weapon of choice here, and as you may expect, repetition is key. The lick on “Relation” that runs from start to finish will likely haunt your dreams, and even if you drift away with its nostalgic ambiance, there’s no way your body won’t react to the switch between the classic four-on-the-floor pattern and the tropical, two-hit kick. “Mecánco,” featuring Tony Gallardo, is another track with little elements that add a world of flavor to the cold beat sporadically cut by washes of white noise. “Your Sun, It Shines” stands in techno territory and references electro with a subdued kind of violence.

TYU’s Before, Between & After The Rupture EP is an invitation to explore what happens under the surface when your body dances in auto-pilot at the club.