Ulldeter’s Video for Weird Pop Song “Cala Nova” is Like a Goosebumps Throwback

Ulldeter is the nickname of Aleix Clavera, bass player for Extraperlo and live musician for El Guincho. His style draws a little from these two projects, adding his own flawed input for a wonderfully weird alloy.

When asked in an interview about his approach to composition, Ulldeter answered “I like to to put things together that are slightly wrong, that are unlikely.” It shows, and that’s exactly what makes his aesthetic so unique.

“Cala Nova” – the first single off his upcoming album – is a minimalist pop track that often feels constrained, but still flows thanks to its feel-good energy.

The clip is a 90s home video full of transitions and effects where a mysterious blue figure shows Ulldeter and his band the way to the mythic Cala Nova Resort. It’s like a quirky episode of Goosebumps.