Valesuchi & Matias Aguayo Made a House Remix of a Forceful Speech From the Women’s March

Lead Photo: Valesuchi
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Something major happened on the day of the anti-Trump Women’s March. A staggering diversity of dissidents showed up at the Washington, D.C. event’s sister marches, from Mexico City to San Francisco to Antarctica. Equally important were those who spoke out in protest of the march, which they perceived as exclusionary towards women of color, trans women, and sex workers, among other groups.

One thing is certain: the voices raised that day — on the podiums of the marches around the country and those who did not feel completely identified — need to be held high going into the future.

Chilean producer Valesuchi and Cómeme head honcho Matias Aguayo teamed up to reflect on the march with a sizzling house remix called “Nasty Woman,” with Valesuchi producing and Aguayo on editing duties. The track samples a speech from actress Ashley Judd, who recites 19 year-old Tennessee poet Nina Donovan’s spoken word missilery launched at “a man whose words are a distraction to America.”

Valesuchi and Aguayo hope that listeners “feel represented by the track and its content.” Even if the references to period imagery don’t vibe with your kind of feminism, the intergenerational, cross-equator layers of the remix do create a vivid feedback effect, and there is no denying that Valesuchi and Aguayo (the former a member of the Discos Pegaos collective) have created a forceful audio sample. A historical document, you might say.

If you are a DJ, consider taking on Cómeme’s request for the track to hit the club this weekend. Tip: a sample of that “hell yeah” call and response, or “my eyes are too busy praying to my feet” could be a suitably rowdy excerpt — and remember more of the March’s speakers from around the world are just a YouTube search away.