Vaskular Unveils “Stent,” an Elegant and Minimal Meditation on the Dancefloor

Lead Photo: Photo by Gian Franco Costa. Courtesy of Cómeme
Photo by Gian Franco Costa. Courtesy of Cómeme
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If you follow Latin American club music closely, chances are you appreciate the chaotic way it splits off into innumerable styles and genres. You’re probably also a fan of the tongue-in-cheek terms for these creations, like “futurocomemism” or “post – psychominimalism.” That’s the case for Vaskular’s upcoming release Desastre, which will be available in a 12” and digital format through Matias Aguayo’s Cómeme imprint on June 23. Whether you care about coining sub-genre categories or not, cross-pollination between Latin American schools of production is happening, arguably shedding Eurocentric motifs. “Stent,” which we’re premiering today, sits pensively amidst Desastre‘s more danceable tracks. Its slow tempo gives it a narcotic charm that perfectly balances out the EP, a whirlwind of physically inviting yet heady songs. There are moments where you’ll question if the pace is meant to have you rethink the way you engage with the club, or if it is an album about dance music, not of it.

Vaskular (aka Pablo Vazquez) is no stranger to critical engagement with electronic music. He has worked hard to level the playing field – i.e. the dancefloor – for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds within Chile’s complex and divided electronic music scene. As a co-founder of Discos Pegaos and a former member of hip-hop outfit Grupo Etéreo, he’s also an established beatmaker and DJ with a penchant for keeping it eclectic and weird. Aguayo has keenly harnessed Vasquez’s forté for blending original beats funneled into the intricate pathways of dance music, resulting in an elegant and minimalistic composition that demands your attention.

Vaskular’s Desastre EP drops Friday, June 23 via Cómeme. Check out an exclusive playlist from the producer via Apple Music below.