Soak in the Hazy Bliss of Vaya Futuro’s “Aunares” Video

In the waning hours of 2016, Vaya Futuro dropped a Google Drive folder full of unreleased music called V-Sides, a collection of songs that has only been made available to fans in this format. It was a token of gratitude to close out a year that saw them playing prestigious stages around the world. One of the most powerful tracks of this release was “Aunares,” a kaleidoscopic pop sheen of a number that now boasts its own video.

Directed by Ana Blanco, “Aunares” finds the band’s faces adorned in bright, neon lines. We see the camera go in and out of focus, warping the image and layered footage, producing a druggy, feel-good haze. It’s complemented by the members’ laughs and blissful energy. The post-production work – by Blanco and Miguel Ahuage – really sells it here.

With its languorous groove, unabashed melodies and abstract-but-gentle instrumentation, “Aunares” could very well be a descendant of Soda Stereo’s “Zoom.” Both inhabit a molly-fueled musical connection, punctuated by bright notes and catchy vocals based on the gentlest and most beautiful corners of shoegaze.

In addition to the previously unreleased songs, V-Sides also contains remixes by artists like Algodón Egipcio, Trillones, Sotomayor and Warm Places, among others. You can download it right here.