Vaya Futuro’s “Auralado” Video Is a Moving Reflection on Love and Letting Go

Tijuana band Vaya Futuro have earned their place in the spotlight thanks to their non-stop touring and their great debut album, Ideas a Medias, released last year on vinyl after a successful Kickstarter campaign. They’re back with a new album called Perro Verde y Triste, which will be out in September through Fanclub Records. Now we’ve got “Auralado,” the album’s first preview, complete with a music video.

“Auralado” was the first song written for the album, and it talks about love and letting go. That’s why its sentimental music video, directed by Daniel Patlán, is the perfect companion–it will surely shrivel your heart. The clip shows a guy waking up, grooming, and getting ready to meet someone, who you might guess is his lover, since he buys flowers. But as soon as he starts weeping in a taxi cab, you just know that’s not the case. The video is beautiful and touching, just like the song. Together, they create a moving experience.