GHE20GOTH1K “Golden Girl” Venus X’ Drops A Free One

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Remember that exhilarating Venus X and Fatima al Qadiri mix they prepared and performed live at Hood by Air’s Superego runway show at Paris Fashion Week last year? We sure do, especially its subversive nature and Paris is Burning samples. Well, New York City producer Venus X just uploaded one of the tracks from the mix and she’s giving it away for free to celebrate the upcoming GHE20G0TH1K showcase at the first ever Red Bull Music Academy Festival in New York next May.

Golden Girl” is the track she shared, and it’s dark and menacing, but it’s also reassuring in the repetition of the phase “beautiful gorgeous golden girl,” sampled from the DJ Fatha Julez ballroom track of the same name. A mallet-sounding synth backs the vocals up, while a foghorn-like one stutters in and out of the picture. Later on, there are also horns samples that make the track feel nostalgic, but you can still dance to its crunchy beat.

Get this for free at the GHE20G0TH1K website, and stay tuned for more freebies. If you’re in New York, don’t miss their showcase at the RBMA Festival on May 2nd, which will feature MikeQ, Total Freedom, and Sissy Nobby.