VFRO and Deborah Blues Link in “Para Que Sepas,” a Slow Burning R&B Spell

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“Para Que Sepas,” a collaboration between Carolina, Puerto Rico MC Deborah Blues and Venezuelan producer VFRO, runs like trap-induced voodoo. The beatmaker helps Blues cast a rhythmic spell, complete with chants. But this song’s aim is not attract or keep love; it’s a protection spell, a last ditch resort when something’s gone horribly wrong in a relationship and all you know is self-defense.

VFRO has been working with a host of PR artists recently — check out his moody track with Bayamón rapper Sou$a and Caguas producer Hydro. Here he builds a warped, cloudy soundscape for Deborah’s vocal sorcery.

Blues’ first official release came early this year with “Desde Adentro.” On that track, she shows the same talent for incisive lyricism as on “Para Que Sepas.” The next time a partner’s carelessness threatens your well-being, a knowledgeable arrangement of candles, some meditation, and this mantra from “Para Que Sepas” should suffice: “Si me haces daño, te juro te hago daño.”

No aggression here bb, just a statement of facts — we’re good witches, after all.

Check out the full Leonel Ortega-designed lyric booklet here, and some images from the collection below: