Álvaro Díaz’s Latest Gets the Hip-Hop ‘Pulp Fiction’ Video Treatment

You can’t blame a player if he thinks PR’s prime exporter of rhymes Álvaro Díaz made an anthem with him in mind. But contrary to the title, the track is about just one woman, and judging by its accompanying video, she and him are tied by more than cuddling and walks on the park.

We talked about the track back in October, released as part of the weekly #JuevesDeLvCiudvd project, which features vocalist Randy Nota of the duo Jowell y Randy giving the track a lush melodic chorus to the smoky sensuality of the Flume-sampling beat. The video, directed by #LvCiudvd collective member Shoury Santana, features visual homages to Pulp Fiction and Bonnie and Clyde, with Díaz and his beloved woman sharing couple-y moments at a diner and a grocery store before things turn to the illegal and dangerous. There’s an inherent romance around those outside the law, and the sexy appeal of it gets kicked up a notch by having the gang members bound by love; it’s a winning combination that has been a mainstay in literature and cinema for centuries, and the scenes depicted in the video coupled with the photography seal it as a tour de force.

Álvaro is currently putting the finishing touches to his debut album Díaz Buenos, Díaz Malos (keep an eye on the emcee’s cap in the video). It’s an understatement to say we can’t hardly wait for it to come out.