Escape the Cold with Amatria’s Bizarre Summer Pool Party in “Chinches” Video

Chinches are a type of bugs–a blood-sucking parasite to be more precise–that expel a fetid smell. Nothing about them is sexy or fun. Why then did Amatria decided to call his new single “Chinches”? We have no idea. My guess is, just because.

Amatria is the alter-ego of Joni Antequera, a singer-songwriter and electronic pop producer based in Valencia, Spain and his discography is plagued with hilarious nonsense like this (and more bugs).

Don’t worry if bugs gross you out, there are none in this video. Instead there’s a cute Nordic blonde trying to feed ice-cream to a donkey and making out in a pool with a guy in a spandex bodysuit, plus a lot more randomness that alters between the innocent sexy fun and the plain bizarre.