Anni B Sweet Presents a Murder Mystery in 360° in “Chasing Illusions” Video

Lead Photo: Anni B Sweet

There’s a murder most foul and a mystery afoot! Was it the maid in a love triangle gone wrong? Or was it the mailman in a case of mistaken identity? The mystery is at the heart of indie/folk artist Anni B Sweet’s latest track, “Chasing Illusions.”

The song bears the name of her (a.k.a. Ana López Rodríguez’s) third album scheduled for release this March. Sweet and her band romp through the ensuing investigation with a bouncy pop/rock number complete with those shimmery ’80s guitar sounds.

Inés de León is the guilty party in the director’s chair who partnered with Microsoft to create the video with a 360 camera with a Surface Pro 3. And before you ask, yes, there’s a twist ending!