Apache Assembles a Who’s Who of Underground Hip-Hop in Late ‘90s Style Video

“Siente El Paso” comes from the Original Combination album by Venezuelan rapper Apache and it’s a big statement. Over the course of its tracklist, the Cuarto Poder member has recruited hip-hop artists from every corner of Latin America and Spain to have some rap unity and love. “Siente el Paso” alone has some amazing street power in its ranks.

A combination of sampled organ, horns, hip-hop sounds, reggae riddims, and pitched up vocals, “Siento El Paso” is an ever-morphing riot of bouncy good times. With a beat by El Freaky and Cybertronics, it features the vocal talent of the Colombian collective as well as Grammy Latino winner and ChocQuibTown member Slow Mike, and Stanley Jackson raising the roof with each one of their turns. The track is also notable for shouting out oldies UK reggae mainstays UB40.

The video directed by César Velázquez features a late night get-together between the responsibles of the cut hanging and getting down, with some great shots with a fish eye lenses. In general, it’s reminiscent of late ’90s hip-hop videos. Check it out below.