Bay Area Rapper Belve Peso Packs an Easygoing Punch in “Bout It” Video

There’s something mysterious about Bay Area rapper Belve Peso. He’s been active for the past couple of years, but we’ve only heard and seen few tracks and videos released here and there; we’re yet to get a big statement from him yet. Hopefully 2015 will be the year Belve will blow up with a full-length album or mixtape.

Born Raphael Fierros, Peso pulls all stops on his new joint “Bout It,” a minimal beat punctuated by xylophone-like keyboards and a bass-snap rhythm that let his lyrical prowess shine. His delivery is a little bit old school and that suits him perfectly as he rhymes his way to the end of the song. The video, directed by Chito Floriano, features Belve alone rapping in the woods, railroads, and underpasses; showing his surroundings while at certain spots he drapes himself with the Mexican flag, so to make things clear about his heritage.

There’s nothing stopping Peso from gaining more props and popularity. He has a good knack for beats and his flow delivers an easygoing punch. He has hinted on the release of an album called Chasing Millions since 2013, so it remains to be seen if we’ll soon hear it or if we’ll get something completely different form Belve Peso. We should definitely be paying attention when he finally drops something bigger.