Watch Dirtwire’s New Video “Tepozteco,” Featuring a Guatemalan Hip Hop Dance Company

A seamless blend of genres, styles, feels and vibes is what allows Oakland-based duo Dirtwire to excel at their unique electro-acoustic “worldbeat” sound. A duo comprised of David Satori of Beats Antique and Evan Fraser of Stellamara, their sound on latest single “Tepotzteco” (from their RipTIde LP) blends cumbia and regional Mexican melodies for a track named after an archaeological site in Mexico (which itself is named for Aztec god Tepoztecatl, a god of pulque, an alcoholic beverage).

The video for the track features the Heroes Company, Guatemalan breakers dancing to the track in and around a shopping district in the El Centro area of Guatemala City. Mexican sounds crafted by futuristic, world-beat loving Americans with a video blending hip-hop and organic Central American culture? This may sound like a jumble, but in maintaining a level of respect in crafting a track that logically creates sonic ties between these seemingly non-linear points, it works quite well.