Disco Ruido’s “Alegría” Video is Such Internet, Very Vaporwave

When you lose your lead singer, go the way of Battles: Just get a rotating cast of vocalists on your next album. Disco Ruido followed this model for their recent Radiofutura now that they’re bereft of singer Mercedes Nasta. Featuring collaborations with Zoé’s León Larregui, Rey Pila’s Diego Solórzano, Alec Sander, Milkman, and Ale Moreno from Ruido Rosa, Radiofutura is out now.

Fittingly, the album’s best track is its most nostalgic, featuring Nasta on the mic. “Alegría,” whose video is directed by the band and Boicot, brings full Sistema Solar realness; all shiny, euphoric, and full of attitude. The vaporwave-embracing clip renders, erases, and re-renders Nasta’s face in some digital solar system from hell.