Eptos Uno Delivers a Mellow High Over a ’90s Hip-Hop Beat in “Won’t Stop” Video

From the get-go, you won’t be confused about what this song is about. Not only are the lyrics quite explicit, they also provide a visual guide with plenty of examples.

Having just seen their ambitious production for Tino El Pingüinos epic Tres Tristes Triggers short, Infinito Corazón now take us into the world of notorious Mexican rapper Eptos Uno, or at least a perfect day with him in the studio. There’s his buds, some girls, and plenty of weed being smoked and handled by all present; thick white clouds are constantly blown out of people’s mouths and into the air while Eptos and his cohort Double Dee rap about never giving up on the sweet leaf.

The track has all the trappings of a catchy Nineties classic, with a laidback beat which Eptos uses to namecheck some indisputable rap legends, something the music itself recalls in more than one way. The beat, done by Mex Sounds featuring scratches by Tocadiscos Trez, is funky and uncomplicated, but has the special characteristic of dragging every once in a while before picking up speed, a nice touch for such a stoner anthem.

“Won’t Stop” is featured on Uno’s latest release, Viajeros del Tiempo, which is already available on iTunes. If you want to get your mitts on a real physical copy, you’ll have to wait until January 20th. Perhaps you’d like to wait until then, it’s easier to roll a joint on a CD than the screen of your computer.