Flako Teases His Debut Release with Strobing Black and White “Kuku” Video

Chilean-born musician Flako is finally releasing his debut album on Five Easy Pieces. The producer, who helped shape some of Fatima’s best tracks on her Yellow Memories record, built Natureboy from influences from the great outdoors, and features a bigger presence of live instruments and vocals than his past works.

For the music video for his first single, “Kuku,” DarĂ­o Rojas Guerra recruited directors Tom Balchin and Mario Epsley, who made a sped-up black-and-white natural collage of images that certainly captures the concept behind the album. Strobe-like flashing lights invade the video, matching the sense of urgency that is felt when listening to the song and its rapid-fire percussive elements.

Flako’s Natureboy is out March 23 on Five Easy Pieces, and the “Kuku” single is now available on 12″ vinyl and digital.